OH Tannenbaum

thirty years tall
you carry our Christmas wishes
all the way to the stars

Family Of Pines

distinct yet together
beside each other
through all

No Longer A Stranger

in nature found
a reacquaintance
with self

In The White Quietude

like fresh snow
tranquility settled
over everything


every beauty
was compounded
because we shared it


mighty angular pine
diminutive curved bridge
a companionship of counterparts

The Roots of Memory

singular pine
recording the history
of the mountain

Tiny Are All Beginnings

at the crest
of a moss mountain
a pine begins

Maple Blush

the landscape wears
a rosy glow
arousing all of spring


flakes as light as air
and still the humble pine
bows deeply to winter

You Again, Wise Friend

the look that speaks
an instruction
to be true

Luminous Flux

in the forest room
a chandelier of ice
whose switch plate is the sun