It is in the space
where there is nothing
that everything resides.


There is no failure in falling.
While the descent may be hard
repose eventually softens all difficulty.
This is the grace of transformation.


rain drops into the pond
ripples merge
into the whole.


Rocks and trees know not to struggle
but to simply stay until the appointed time comes to go.
Change is forever pulling or pushing.
Do not begrudge the current its way.

Magic Carpet

There is still time.
Come sit on the soft lush green.
Let the world embrace you.
Each blade of grass grows just for you.

Panta rhei

The flower has turned to pod
the warmth of the sun belies the bite in the breeze
everything flows.


As the workers toil in the carpet of sage
they hum and buzz their dictum
“from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs”

The View from Heaven

Nature will keep the pond’s promise that the world will green itself in Spring.
Things may appear upside-down, but everything is as it should be.

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