No Envy In The Garden

each flower
their own perfection
beyond comparision

Spring Tracery

the grand design
each leaf and petal
in it’s perfect place

Blue Only At The Edges

of the blue diamond
a new perfection

The Painted Fern

a perfection
of details and form
waiting to be discovered

Perfection Realized

to see her
cup the sunlight
in her perfect petals

Beauty’s Second Duty

perfectly pretty
the petaled

Everything At Once

each element
finds the perfect place
next to all the rest

Told in Silence

quiet perfection
unfolding, unfolding
a rhythm of pink and cream

Perfect Pear

never seen
indoors or a store
living tree to mouth

Flowering Light

perfectly composed
by the side of the road
sunshine and shade

Begonia Umbrella

the begonia leaf
parasol perfection

Buche de Noel

mushroomed and mossed
the forrest’s
confection of perfection

Razzle Dazzle

red zig zagged petals
rick racked in fuchsia
perfection of pinks

Sacred Emily

petals poised
in perfection
transcended by
her scent sublime

Perfect Proportion

the architecture
of a tree
sacred geometry