The Night’s Needlework

shuttle of cold
looping and knotting
night into lace

The Petunia Looking Back

deep inside
a piercing
green eye


morning sun
through feathered cold
how night lingers on the window

One of Many

the shadow reveals
another definition
of self


hidden inside
tiny delicate flowers
can’t help but bloom

Winter’s Pattern

covered branches
the forest’s
cable knit sweater


in deference
to the cold
hosta leaf curtsies


with a flower
highlight of the hour

Following Directions

houseplant’s leaf
color leading
to the great outdoors

Eyelet River

lacing the surface
cold threading
shore to shore

Fleeting Forever

kindling beauty
the birch branch pile
nature’s ephemeral immortality

Presage of the Leaves

geranium begins
fall’s colors
creeping in


on lavender and grey
fern’s delicate display

Begonia Umbrella

the begonia leaf
parasol perfection

The Sea in the Sky

cloud waves
crashing on the shores
of a grey May day

Logarithmic Bloom

Fibonacci’s code
unfurling the golden mean
of beauty’s geometry