The Night’s Needlework

shuttle of cold
looping and knotting
night into lace

If Summer Could Go On Forever

sunflowers would
shine their cheerful light
through winter’s dark night

Morning Meadow

night is banished
now is
light’s time to play

Faint Light

the woods
hold onto night
and cast it into a dark day


morning sun
through feathered cold
how night lingers on the window

Flowers From My Beloved

the sky
into night

A Pink Orange Sigh

between night’s descent
and the sleeping earth
resides the colored breath of light

On The Night Stand

like a candle keeping
the dark, bitter winter
at bay

Darkness Softened

the black and white
of night snow
in moonlight

Behind A Trinity Of Trees

this day’s soul
into night

Cold November Night

winter’s dusk
the landscape shivers

Early Company

infinity of blue
venus and the moon
visit before night