Storing Knowledge

nature places
the wisdom of the woods
upon a mushroom shelf

Call Of Attention

their shout
of color rises
from the forest floor

Wearing Rings Like Saturn

from the forest floor
another universe

Birch Bark Mushroom

a transition of
sustenance to self

Frog On The Toadstool

I’ll do
what I want
is his only thought

The Stone Mushrooms

to be added to
stone soup

Decay’s Bouquet

stump blooms
a wood rose
flowering of fungi

White Castle

in the white castle
resides the white mite
awaiting his parasite princess

Frills And Polka Dots

on the ground
dropped forrest accessory

Mushroom Moon

amongst an astronomy of moss
I found the moon
on the forest floor


an abstract installation
adorned the old oak tree
the mushroom’s artistry


One of the first appearances of autumn’s finery
is the ruffled fungi in pumpkin and cream.