Some Of Everything

the stillness
and the movement
the decomposing and the growing

Water Wanders

still on the move
the brook meanders
through the woods

The Wondrous Wind

leaves into light
before winter’s good night

The River Free

the river desires movement
and uses all its wiles
to dodge stillness

In The Subtle Shift Of Light

the clouds, the leaves, the grasses
all ride
the wind of season’s change

Outside Orchestra

the wind
movement’s music

Movement Without Moving

even the stationary rock
will cross the line
in due time


months of stillness
liberated by
the freeing sun

Birch Brush

summer drawn
with wind and water
moving while still

En Plien Air

budding leaves
in the merry breeze
red branch paints the air


Abstraction of March

a flux of
halted movement
the design of fleeting time

Unknown Depth

the current carries
memory and hope
forward ever forward

Petal Pirouettes

responding to the breeze
and breath of bees and butterflies
an endless dance