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White Birch

angels in the fog
touching down
to commune with the trees


Like Walking To School Through The Blossoming Orange Grove

a scent so
delicate and delectable
it transports me back to childhood

The Nest

woven with care
so fledging feet
will remember softness

Defying The Elements

sweet hydrangea
her summer bloom lingers
on a honeycomb of petals

Remembrance Of The Forgotten

the fluidity of bloom
the force of bloom


as autumn’s color departs
we store its memory
for winter sustenance

Two Came Together

summertime visit
from dear friends
long departed

Still Being With Her Whilst She Is Gone

rose arbor
in the afternoon

The Roots of Memory

singular pine
recording the history
of the mountain

Warm Memory To Store For Winter

a Saturday landscape
the playful breeze
and laughing leaves


remembering it all
spring summer fall
raven heads into winter