Betrothed to each other and the earth
fairies place their wedding rings
on flower pillows side by side
during the nuptials.


Bejeweled with fungi
the old tree wears
her forest finery.

After the Dance

Only during the solstice
is the veil between the worlds thin enough to see
where fairies hang their dancing shoes.

Lady Slippers

These are the magic shoes that fairies wear
to the Pine Needle Ball each summer solstice.

Moth Magic

Fuzzy lemon drop
wings kissed by lavender
one pink leg steps forward


On an ordinary day a walk reveals
the enchanted place
where the golden birch resides
totem for fairies and unicorns.


Beloved early guest of spring, goddess of the awakened earth.
Twin blossoms of love and protection mark the entrance to fairyland;
inviting you to venture past the invisible gate and into the world of delight.

Before Twilight

In the magic hours the forest glows
as trees catch the sun and release their dreams.

Golden Willow

In the midst of winter,
the willow shines its golden light.
This is where the fairies dance at night.


Like visitors from another planet they appear suddenly and without notice.
Their other worldly beauty is hypnotic. You need not taste them to receive the magic.

Cement Squirrel

It is the  magic of care and whimsey
that moves you from spot to spot
to enjoy the views of the garden.

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