Feeding The Lake

new rain rushes
to quench the thirst
of the drought-ed lake

Climb A Tree

cross the lake
scale the mountain
touch the sky

Reigning Beauty

this day
heaven sent
we are drenched
in peace and beauty

Bob-house Village

alone together
cold weather anglers
stationary sport

Warm Memory To Store For Winter

a Saturday landscape
the playful breeze
and laughing leaves

Uncontainable Happiness

flush of pleasure
the blushing dusk
closes a splendid day

The Amplification of Being

deep silence
listening to
the shadows move

Sunday Afternoon

time is
best measured in
moments not minutes

Birch Brush

summer drawn
with wind and water
moving while still


navigating stillness
by the paddle drip’s song
peace within reach

Water Temple

elements in worship
limbs raised in prayer
reflection of faith

Loon Schooled

like ripples
in the water
your momentum proceeds you

The Swim Dock

August will burn
through the morning mist
there are still days to swim in