The seamstress for the fairies
tailors fashions out of fuchsia
leaves with scalloped edges

Magic Wands

Fairy dust is gathered on magic wands
and used to clean away all ugliness
of sight, word and deed.


Trojan warrior of the flower pot
with shield leaves and blossom helmet.
Slayer of slugs, pepper is your arsenal.


Bejeweled with fungi
the old tree wears
her forest finery.


The colors of summer
call out from the meadow
come play with us today.

Lady Slippers

These are the magic shoes that fairies wear
to the Pine Needle Ball each summer solstice.


A meeting of friends in the meadow.
Quaker Bonnets gather
offering their quiet beauty to the whole of the land.

Field of Dreams

Dreams take shape slowly
emerging from soft surroundings
an impression forms, staking claim on hope.

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