Imagined Into Being

a green day dream
the whispering of leaf buds
the laughter of leaves

Sedum View

to see
what flowers see
the expanding harmonies


they buzz in bubbles
beneath the ice
water is their wings

Pumpkin Patch

with your child heart
and you will hear the one
whispering your name

Cold Gold

DSC02271 - Version 3
moon dust and magic
feather the window
in fairies’ cold gold

Winter Resident

where once the granite steps stood
a stone and lichen alligator now resides

Fairie’s Pincushion

The wee folk embroider
with echinacea needles
using flower filament thread.

Magic Wands

Fairy dust is gathered on magic wands
and used to clean away all ugliness
of sight, word and deed.


Trojan warrior of the flower pot
with shield leaves and blossom helmet.
Slayer of slugs, pepper is your arsenal.