A Blush Before Blooming

shy buds
gathering the confidence
to bloom

Petal Flake Snowball

white hydrangea
the snow
before the snow

Gathered and Dispersed

the congregation
of monarchs
billows away

She Persists

the celebratory nature
of the garden persists
despite winter’s imposed dormancy

Light In The Leaves

shining like gold
glowing like embers
light is life

Chosen By Light

the sun’s light
shifts towards spring
expired blooms bloom again

Deceptive Delicacy

blooming through
the ferocious winter
beauty’s tenacity

Hydrangea Alighted

last year’s bloom
basking in
this spring’s sunshine


each petal’s edges
distinct within the group
solitary side by side

What was Carried

hydrangea is the bouquet
at the marriage of
summer and fall

Hear the Unspoken

rose hips and hydrangea
having weathered the winter
articulate grace under pressure

Beauty’s Comfort

when nothing is predictable
the beauty of a bloom
can be relied upon

The Good Company of Trees

changes are weathered
amidst constant beauties
in the good company of trees

Turn, Turn, Turn

hydrangea turns
becoming and beaconing
the season’s change