a bit of a strumpet
flaunting her trumpet
enticing hummingbirds and bees


drink deeply
from the marvels and mysteries
of ordinary days

Amidst Blossoms

easy to miss
the thrum and shimmer
darting from bloom to bloom

Hummingbird’s Hallelujah

for the nectar
sweet people make

I Wanna Be A Bee

or perhaps a hummingbird
I’m a moth
with aspirations

The Thrum Of Thirst

sipping sweetness
from the false foxglove
mocktails in the afternoon


the sentry
guarding the feeder
as dawn wakes the day

Largess Of Life Force

emanating energy
in stillness

Amongst The Blooms The Wing-ed Ones

beyond the porch rail
butterfly and hummingbird
make their morning rounds

In The Enormous Woods There Perches A Tiny Soul

feathered emerald
the size
of a birch leaf