Summer Took Me By The Hand

and stretched before me
verdant, tender, true
as the great green meadow

Parallel Purposes

stretched across the landscape
train tracks and phone lines
corn rows and pasture fences

Distant Snow

as our weather rises and shifts
winter still holds fast
to the horizon

Indian Paintbrush’ed

like watercolors
prairie fire bleeds color
across the landscape



into the blue
the oh so blue sky
limitless universe unveiled

March’s Indecisive Landscape

snow recedes
while ever approaching
on the horizon

The Wind Winds Down

peeking out
the storm’s force and fury
remains in the tilted horizon

Fog’s Clarity

the future disappeared
along with the horizon
leaving the delicate determination of now

New Horizons

winter caresses
the line of the limb
the reach of the branch
every new horizon

Hint of Spring

Winter lingers on the mountains
lichen greens the birch bark
the air hints of spring



The granite ledge
makes itself known
by refusing all trees.


Standing in the quiet of the field
in the gentle morning light
the mountain range rests in soft clouds
all is as it should be.