Side By Side

through the heart
of the valley
travels the river and train

Tender Hearted

amidst her silver foliage
fine and fancy hearts
on the garden’s sleeve

The Sad Flower Made Happy

penitent’s rose
the heart’s bloom
when forgiven


I gave
my heart to nature
now I am never alone

Abiding Love

so many hearts
as much love
as the world needs

And Your Heart Skips A Beat

sweet as a kiss
upon your cheek
pink tulip’s bloom

Herbal Medicine

depth of blue
that can cool
an angry heart

The Garden’s Sleeve

early spring
the garden wears
her heart on her sleeve


August sun
the heart of heat
lighting everything from within

Where the heart is

my mountain home
dwarfed by the immense blue sky
everything is in its place

The Day Rose Softly

the sound
of a solitary bird
walking the riverside rocks

The Life of Healing

near the heart
remains evidence
of a dark jagged year
that had to be grown around


joy made tangible
those tender greens
make my heart sing

Sky Light

a ray of light
within the dark
rekindles hope
and warms the heart

Quiet Courage

bowed to the forces of nature
resilience is the heart
of the wind swept pine