drink deeply
from the marvels and mysteries
of ordinary days


The butterfly, cow and flower
conferring beauty
on the day

Dearest Neighbor

these slower times
allow for longer visits
with the flowers


blessings bestowed
in sunshine and snow
great gratitude for all that is given

The Birch Glittering

like being lifted
into heaven
living in so much beauty

We Gather In The Meadow

chairs circled
we worship in
the valley’s benevolence

The Great Now

was flowering

Morning Again

it can never
be said enough
thank you

Thirtieth Day

the sun
sets on November
painting gratitude on the sky

Serendipity of Giving Tuesday

Oh No!
My “donate” link was broken in yesterday’s posting. This donate link does work. That serendipitous mishap became my opportunity (once the swearing stopped) to share with you why I created and maintain Leaf and Twig and how your support will be used.

My purpose is to offer to you – every day – a moment’s appreciation of nature’s beauty in photos, a brief reflection in words to increase the incandescence of joy and hold a light when life is dark. I offer this quiet space for universal connection and recognition. I hold the door open for you and invite you in – in to nature and meaning making, for some respite and nourishment.

Your donation enables me to bring Leaf and Twig’s daily moment of beauty and peace to an even wider audience and affords me the opportunity of time which is so essential to creating.

What might our world be like
if everyone paused, just for a moment, once each day
and received the beauty?


Port in the Storm

hanging on
with gratitude
for what is available

The Plenty

how can I miss the flowers
when every leaf’s in bloom
fall bouquets abound on trees


long before eventide
leaves chant the prayers of trees
the request and praise of grace and gratitude


In all her dazzling displays and subtle simplicities
nature’s ever evolving beauty nurtures
the ability to be grateful.