Thoughts Of Winter

at the edge of the woods
beneath the willow tree

Unexpected Snow

trees still wearing
their autumn colors
put on a shawl of white

The Maple

the season change
a deepening of golds to red

Autumn Palette

weather spins
the color wheel
to unending appeal

Snail’s Pace

gorgeous October days
ever so slowly
we tuck the garden in


Rhythm Of The Seasons

a syncopation
of changing colors
fall’s visual music



I gloried
in the maple
taking her color as my strength

The Princess Tree

voluminous pink
in every shade and hue
adorned her

Feeling Time Pass By In The Breeze

the gilded woods
a golden day
if only it could stay

The Birch Glittering

like being lifted
into heaven
living in so much beauty

The Dear Nearness Of The Wilderness

miles of mountains
populated only by trees
as it should be


from chilly nights
dew and disintegration

Autumn Gold

of leaves
prosperity of color


browning ferns
shedding leaves
to the earth returned