Stillness And Then Departure

remnants of the wasp nest
disintegrating leaves
upon a bed of departing snow

Circle Of Life

every ending
ushers in
the next beginning

Meeting The Sweet By And By

a buoyancy of clouds
above the embers
of the day

Milkweed Snow

the snow
before the snow
beginnings in endings

Not Done Yet

sweet September
unwilling to let
summer’s party fade away

Watching The Clouds Parade

this rightful place
at river’s edge
near summer’s end

Owl Wing

merciless nature
nothing escapes the end
except beauty

New Light

the yellow woods
leaves offer up
the last of their light

To End Is To Begin

fresh light
fell on New Year’s Day
shadows came and had their say

River Birch In Snowfall

the quieting white
December’s last days

Of Rust and Roses

the old boxcar
and winter rose in spring
companions in endings

What Begins At The End

a decomposing stump
the palette
for green construction