Glinting In The Winter Sun

fresh powder
piles up
everything a-sparkle


in the right light
from even the worn and humble
beauty emanates

To Thrive In All Circumstance

weather the storm
and make it
a flower

Goldenrod Gone By

in the cold
old blooms
imitate snow

Her Delicate Majesty

the queen
in light and shadow
the shimmer of her flowerless crown

Nature’s Love Affair

wildflowers arranged themselves
for the pleasure of
the mountain’s view

What the Flowers Taught the Snow

aster’s blooms
each individualized
inspiration to snowflakes

Structure of Spirit

with all of youth departed
the essence laid bare
great beauty remains

Each Day New

the day wakes
light yawns across the valley
creation is never done


sun shoulders out the snow
last years blooms trumpet
beauty’s determination

Corsage for March

pinned upon
the white gown of March
dressing early for the spring fling

Snow Queens

lacy queens patiently sit
for their still life portrait
by the pond