What Wandering Reveals

the worn path
a line of desire
made known

Green Goblets

waiting to be filled
with the drink of rain
before fully unfurling

Spring Tracery

the grand design
each leaf and petal
in it’s perfect place

No Two The Same

the magic symmetry
of each individual design
seen by the naked eye

Each One A Part

shoulder to shoulder
in the grand design

Of Intricate Design

cloisonne’d wings
on an
all green being

Zinnia Bud

your bloom
before the bloom
foretelling of design

Each Leaf In Its Own Time

the landscape
with color

Presage of the Leaves

geranium begins
fall’s colors
creeping in


designed by time
colors and lines
fallen fall

Abstraction of March

a flux of
halted movement
the design of fleeting time

The Positives of Negative Space

beauty’s wisdom
form follows function
abstraction of nasturtiums

To Come And Go

cold must rise in order to leave
every thing comes and everything goes
in nature’s design of time

Beauty’s Work

pink veined
form follows function
in the leaf’s architecture