Autumn In The Meadow

the light
more precious
as darkness nears

If Summer Could Go On Forever

sunflowers would
shine their cheerful light
through winter’s dark night


in uncertainty
I can only steer
by faith

Faint Light

the woods
hold onto night
and cast it into a dark day

Hope’s Devotion

even as
winter’s darkness gathers
color and light persist


finally seen
the exit
from darkness

Breaking Out Of Darkness

a shaft of light settles
on the blue diamond delphinium
saved from the pounding rain


in the gathering darkness
inexplicably arrives
the light of hope

Darkness Gives Us Light

and so
the breath of snowfall
can be seen

On The Night Stand

like a candle keeping
the dark, bitter winter
at bay

Darkness Softened

the black and white
of night snow
in moonlight

In The Troposphere

thunder heralds
the gathering darkness
fronts collide


through darkness
into light
the journey’s substance

Navigating Darkness

troubled times
the lantern needed
even in sunlight

Lightening Sky

in gathering darkness
the weathered barn
endures on