Summer Comes

a window is opened in heaven
in summer waltzes
scattering shades of blue

Winter In The Wings

sunlight makes a show
of dancing
across the marsh

Garden Party

hollyhock corsage
every one is invited
to summer’s dance


the leaves and the grasses
even the very air
dancing to winter’s tune

That’s What It’s All About

little bird’s
hokey pokey
turning himself around

Last Dance

last light danced
across the lawn

How the Garden Grows

merry little breezes dance
as sunshine plays the tune
while flowers raise their sleepy heads
from their garden beds

After The Dance

the skirt ruffle lost
evidence of
fairies’ spring fling

Homecoming Dance

fall arrives
as leaf and shadow
dance in waning light

Purple Iris Solo

in the stillness
every line and curved


DSC01866 - Version 2
the water swam
as shadows danced
the past nourishing the present

River Dance

light dances
across the surface
leaving footprints of joy