The maple unfurls
her first blossoms
opening all possibilities.

Snow Blossoms

As transient as the dawn
snow blossoms hold onto the branch
with the power of a wish.


September’s astonishing blue sky is for you.
Delicate lichen blossoms on stone are for you.
All of nature’s beauty awaits you.

The Circle

As the first bloom fades
the next opens to its glory.


Betrothed to each other and the earth
fairies place their wedding rings
on flower pillows side by side
during the nuptials.


A meeting of friends in the meadow.
Quaker Bonnets gather
offering their quiet beauty to the whole of the land.

Traveler’s Joy

Darling of the door yard garden
clematis climbs up and along the picket fence;
most brilliant and ingenious buttercup.


Beloved early guest of spring, goddess of the awakened earth.
Twin blossoms of love and protection mark the entrance to fairyland;
inviting you to venture past the invisible gate and into the world of delight.

Budding Out

In a burst of energy, renewal and hope colors are released
as trees transform the landscape from winter to spring.


The magnolia sends forth her first blossoms
into the rare air of March that feels like May.
The sunshine calls and she answers yes in unfurling petals.

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