The Past, The Present, The Future

the garden’s rose bouquet
holding and offering the blooms of
yesterday, today and tomorrow

Goldenrod Gone By

in the cold
old blooms
imitate snow

Dahlias In The Background

bookends of summer
monarchs on

First One Bloom Then…

like ripples on a pond
the blooms go on and on

Amongst The Blooms The Wing-ed Ones

beyond the porch rail
butterfly and hummingbird
make their morning rounds

Chosen By Light

the sun’s light
shifts towards spring
expired blooms bloom again

Step Inside The Outside

has arrived

Great Green Loom

the garden
weaves a tapestry
of leaf and bloom


birch vase holds
blooms and departures
the fall bouquet

Magic Wands

Fairy dust is gathered on magic wands
and used to clean away all ugliness
of sight, word and deed.

Red Flowers on Rock

On the Fourth of July
the garden celebrates in colors
with fireworks of blooms.