How We Save Each Other

grace surrounded us
as hawk and humans surrendered fear
courage was found and help accepted

DETAILS: We managed to cut the barbed wire fence,
and softly secured the hawk who was picked up by the Fish and Game Warden
and taken to a bird rescue where he/she had surgery and will be rehabilitated


mandala of hearts
on the mill stone
loving what is

So Often Forgotten

time carries
me through my
transgressions of faith

Here Now

we need the shadows
to know how bright
the light can be

Becoming One Another

the icing pond
receiving rain
so many ways to be

The Day is Full of Gifts

a moment
in the sun

Morning Joy

wings wide
the day embraced
one with everything


the open gate
invites me
into the new day

Arch of Hearts

in the garden
everything of importance happens
in its own time and way


clarity found
in the misty woods
eternity is always now