In a hard rain
the autumn colors blur
into an impressionistic painting.

Dudley’s Deer

She waits at the edge of the woods for Dudley, her dog friend.
Waiting to flash her tail to signal the start of their mountain romp.
But Dudley is not in the car as the doe seems to hope.
Dudley is in heaven now, running with the wind.

Blackberry Lilly

Your seed dazzle like ripened fruit
but your delicious bounty will be blossoms.
A feast for the eyes come spring.

Working Wood

These humble stickers will serve the stacks of cherry and ash,
allowing space for air to circulate and the prized woods to dry.
There is a place and purpose for each piece. Beauty lives in utility.


As Fall approaches they challenge the changing trees
to match their vibrancy and tender hues.

Fallen Leaf

When the first colorful leaf
lands on the stairs
Fall has arrived.


Once you were liquid, formed by waves of time.
Now you are solid, holding your place in the granite state.


In the morning, beneath your canopy the whole world glows a growing green.
If I started to climb your branches now, by midnight I could touch the stars.


You no longer tell time by new rings.
Now as a beam, you measure time
by the nights and days of shelter you provide,
absorbing laughter and tears into your fibers and history.

Dirt Road

It has taken many cities to know
that my way home is off the paved path.
The sound of tires on soil is my welcome song.


The pond shows me how
to see the thing that is least visible.


A hint of a face made of knots.
Is it wonder or awe or angst that it shares?
Could it be a wooden reflection?


Nature is an artist who works tirelessly at her abstracts of perfection.


Tired of the raids by bears and man the bees have moved on.
Now they keep their honey hoard safe in the hollows of old trees.

Sunday Mountain

The Great Spirit resides here, peacefully presiding over us.
The wind still holds the echos of the Abenaki’s footsteps.
The soil cradles our carefully tended dreams.


Like visitors from another planet they appear suddenly and without notice.
Their other worldly beauty is hypnotic. You need not taste them to receive the magic.


Rest here and be still like the water.
Watch the dragonflies dance.
Discover the nurture of a moment of silence.


When smoke has choked the blue from your sky
and grey seems the color of eternity, hang on to hope
for it can keep you afloat and mend your tattered faith.

First Red Tree

Along the great Long River
the first touch of Fall, a splash of red,
presents itself along the southern bank.

River View

Tie your daydreams to the dock
and watch the diamond dance of sunshine on water
as summer slides into fall.

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