Wayward Donkeys

At the farm of procreation
the girls gather at the fence
their sweet eyes disarming undeserved judgements.

Green Being

The soul of the violet is green
and houses all gradation of color
for it is more interested in particulars than generalities.

Beauty of Decay

Delicate lines, individual patterns, unique characteristics
these are the traits of spalting,
the mysterious work and beauty of decay.

Neighborly Kindness

In the dark northern countryside
holiday lights remain for much of winter
cheering us on as we drive past.

Coneflower Repose

As you lie in the snow
the stark beauty of your form and structure
announce themselves to the white, white world.


Dangling over the hard, frozen river
seedpods dance in the bitter winds of winter;
awaiting their new life flight on the gentle breeze of spring
and planting in soft, fertile ground.


Eucalyptus and juniper berries
grace the door for the whole of winter
providing protection and beauty to the house inhabitants.


The spirit of Maxfield Parish frosted the ground
with a sorbet of oranges, purples and pinks.
A winter elixir that chills fairies’  drinks.

Nature’s Desire

Grass blades grow frost feathers.
Every molecule demanding that their place in the design be realized.
Nature’s desire is to  manifest gloriousness.