All your miles brought you to this empty field.
Doors are flung wide, frozen in time,
your driver and passenger eternally on the run.


The fields form a patchwork quilt,
a growing green cover that reaches from the river bank to the mountains.
Tied together with labor and nurture for the purpose of sustenance.

Lavender Glooming

When the afternoon melts into dusk and evening is on the rise
new dreams are born in shadows and cloud forms
as old dreams disperse with the day.

Dear John Deer

In August, with your metal seat as hot as a branding iron,
you rumble across the fields, chewing rocks and cutting grass.
True champion of summer.

Rock Wall

God is here in this rock wall,
in the mind that planned it, in the hands that made it,
in the earth that holds it, in the rain that will wash it,
in the snow that will gather on it, and the sun that dries it.